Dây chuyền xay xát 7 tấn/giờ

Dây chuyền xay xát 7 tấn/giờ

Dây chuyền xay xát 7 tấn/giờ

Mã: Reach 7.0
Giá: liên hệ

Năng suất đầu vào
7 tấn/giờ
Kích thước tổng quát
50m x 10m x 8m mm

Đặt hàng

Hotline: 028-3941 2431

We are pleased to introduce our new product brand “REACH” , representing an innovative, modular, full plant system for rice processing.
The brand name REACH represents our desire to invite more users to our Satake family.
By thoroughly reviewing the costs at every phase, we have focused only what is required in terms of functionality.
Now we can offer “Satake Quality” at a more affordable price.
REACH is a simple, modular plant concept- and we’re preparing attractive options that you can customize according to your requirement.
Product : REACH SYSTEM 7.0  (7t/h paddy input, including all machines, ducting & piping)
We hope to be of service to you in the near future.
Thank you for your continued interest in our products.

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Huỳnh Hoàng Chiến
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